The Golem

About The Film

Besieged by evil invaders, a mystical woman conjures a dangerous creature to protect her 17th century Lithuanian village, in THE GOLEM, the supernatural legend of Jewish folklore smartly reimagined as a meticulously crafted horror-suspense tale. As the plague descends on Eastern Europe, blame falls upon an isolated community of religious Jews. When Gentile horsemen invade the shtetl, the desperate townsfolk debate bowing to the violence or resisting their vengeful persecutors. Strong-willed proto-feminist Hanna (Hani Furstenberg), versed in Kabbalah, summons forth a Golem, a protector in the visage of her deceased young son endowed with deadly powers. But her bond with the forbidden creature-child unleashes unintended, deadly consequences. Drawing on historical, contemporary and religious themes, Israeli filmmaking brothers Doron and Yoav Paz infuse their retelling of the Golem monster with rich symbolism, period detail and eerie atmospherics, all anchored by heartfelt performances.

Film Details

Running Time 
97 minutes
Viewing Region 
Atlanta Premiere