God's Slave

About The Film

Motivated by personal tragedies, two obsessive characters on either side of the Arab-Israeli conflict are set on a collision course in GOD’S SLAVE, an adrenaline-rushing drama set against the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Argentina. 

Stationed in Caracas and operating undercover as a doctor and family man, Ahmed Al Hassama (Mohammed Al-Khaldi) is a young Kuwaiti Muslim militant who is slated to execute a terrorist attack. Dispatched to Buenos Aires to diffuse the elusive but imminent threat, David Goldberg (Vando Villamil) is a cold-blooded and embittered Israeli Mossad agent who will stop at nothing to terminate the terrorist sleeper cell. In the wake of the AMIA bombing that leaves scores dead, the race is on to prevent another attack in the name of radical Islam. Both men embark on parallel paths of martyrdom, blinded by hatred born of childhood trauma and prepared to sacrifice everything for their beliefs. 

Filmed on location in Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay and the United States, the taut action is skillfully helmed by Venezuelan filmmaker Joel Novoa. Walking a tightrope of sympathies, GOD’S SLAVE exposes the appalling cost of extremist acts carried out in the name of religious conviction.

Film Details

Running Time 
90 minutes
Viewing Region 
East Coast Premiere