The Freedom to Marry

About The Film

Revealing the inner workings and key players of the marriage equality movement, THE FREEDOM TO MARRY is a thrilling and inspiring insiders’ look at the greatest civil rights movement of today.

The historic Obergefell v. Hodges case represents the culmination of a decades-long struggle to guarantee the right of same-sex couples to marry. Among those leading the fight for justice is attorney and gay rights advocate Evan Wolfson, whose Pittsburgh Jewish upbringing informed his passion for social justice, and who is considered by many the architect of LGBT marriage equality. Also profiled is legendary civil rights attorney Mary Bonauto, and other tireless champions, who trudged together through waves of litigation and grueling preparations for oral arguments, endeavoring to change the hearts and minds of Americans about gay rights. In tracking the climactic countdown to the landmark Supreme Court decision, filmmaker Eddie Rosenstein turns a foregone outcome into a nail-biting and emotional conclusion.

Offering crucial insight into the vision, patience and commitment required to battle for social justice, THE FREEDOM TO MARRY is a reminder of the never-ending crusade against discrimination. Best Documentary and Best Editing winner at the Savannah Film Festival. 

Film Details

Running Time 
86 minutes
Atlanta Premiere