Forever Pure

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A secretive deal to transfer Muslim players to an Israeli soccer team triggers a crisis of politics, money and race in FOREVER PURE, a timely and cautionary tale of nationalism and demagoguery.

The Beitar Jerusalem Football Club is the only professional soccer team in Israel to have never signed an Arab player, a source of pride for the core fan base, as well as right-wing politicians who seek to exploit racial purity sentiments. The team is thrown into disarray midway through a successful 2012-13 season, when Russian billionaire-owner Arcadi Gaydamak strikes a deal to recruit two Muslim players from Chechnya. What follows is a national scandal, as hate-filled fans erupt in anger and vitriol, and the bewildered Chechnyan players are targeted for a torrent of abuse. When the team captain attempts to bridge the divide, he pays dearly for it.

In holding a mirror to Israeli society, FOREVER PURE reveals an ugly and unsettling reality at the intersection of tribalism and sports. Investigative journalist-filmmaker Maya Zinshtein was named Best Director at the Jerusalem International Film Festival, and the film received Best Editing honors. 

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Running Time 
86 minutes
U.S. Premiere
[[Atlanta Jewish Times]]