Family in Transition

About The Film

Packing an emotional punch with a unique perspective on a hot-button issue, FAMILY IN TRANSITION charts the seismic changes in a close-knit Israeli family grappling with gender transition. After years of marriage and four children, Amit reveals to his wife Galit his secret desire to be a woman. The decision is met with extraordinary support from Galit who plans to stay by her husband's side during and after his lengthy and difficult transition. Their young children digest the news with remarkable maturity. But the family is shunned by their conservative northern Israeli town, and even by some friends and relatives. As Amit’s surgery approaches, anxieties increase, and the family's journey of self-discovery threatens to tear them apart. Filmed over two years, this deeply intimate and sympathetic examination of identity, tolerance and transcendent love is winner of the Best Israeli Documentary award at the Docaviv Film Festival.

Film Details

Running Time 
70 minutes
Viewing Region 
Southeast Premiere