Eva Hesse

About The Film

EVA HESSE profiles the groundbreaking artist whose brief but consequential career helped usher in the 1960s post-minimalist movement, before her untimely death.

A brilliant and beautiful painter-turned-sculptor, Eva Hesse created wildly imaginative and evocative abstract art, pioneering the use of industrial materials including latex, fiberglass and plastics. Her work is often viewed in light of the emotional turmoil of a troubled life. Born in 1936 Hamburg, she fled Nazi Germany for New York, where her mother left the family and subsequently committed suicide. Her own failed marriage to fellow sculptor Tom Doyle was followed by a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer. Hesse died in May 1970 at the age of 34.

In the first feature-length appreciation of her life and work, Eva narrates her own story through personal diaries and letters read aloud by actress Selma Blair. Interviews with fellow artists, friends, family, curators and critics are interwoven with deftly captured images of Hesse’s multidimensional artwork, as well as extensive black-and-white photos. A New York Times Critics’ Pick, this poetic and evocative biography celebrates an influential artist who overcame gender barriers to redefine her medium. 

Film Details

Running Time 
108 minutes
Viewing Region 
Atlanta Premiere