Dirty Wolves

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About The Film

Two sisters from a Nazi-controlled mining village in northwestern Spain are drawn into wartime intrigue in DIRTY WOLVES, a briskly paced thriller-melodrama imbued with supernatural notes.

Intent on harvesting the rare metal to feed the Third Reich’s war machine, a Nazi brigade has captured the tungsten mine in the remote mountains of Galicia. Amid grinding poverty and illness, unwed mother Manuela (Marian Álvarez) does what she can to resist, smuggling small quantities of the mineral to Allied agents, while pretending to court the operation’s tyrannical German commander Franz (Pierre Kiwitt). Her sister Candela (Manuela Velles) also imperils herself by helping Jewish refugees escape across the border to Portugal. Their dangerous duplicity culminates in a dramatic climax, as the miners plan a revolt against Nazi and Franco forces, while the sisters must choose between survival and their sense of justice.

Inspired by a little-known chapter of WWII history, DIRTY WOLVES captures the local folklore and visual splendor of rural Spain, under the direction of Simón Casal de Miguel. 

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Running Time 
105 minutes
Atlanta Premiere