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A perky group of fresh-scrubbed young Israelis finds themselves the underdogs in an international singing contest in CUPCAKES, a kitschy musical comedy from celebrated Israeli director Eytan Fox. 

To escape the stress of their daily lives, the Tel Aviv neighbors congregate to watch Universong, a spoof of the televised Eurovision song contests of the 1970s. Uninspired by the dull Israeli entry and seeking to cheer up a heartbroken friend, the group spontaneously composes its own cheesy tune and, on a whim, submits it to the judges. To their surprise, the song is chosen to represent Israel in the finals competition in Paris. Facing creative pressures from the comically inept Israel Broadcasting Authority, the group is forced to choose between friendship and fame. 

Singing and dancing their way to the top, the all-star cast includes Yael Bar-Zohar as a former beauty queen; Dana Ivgi as a stressed-out aide to a cabinet minister; Anat Waxman as an unhappily married baker; Keren Berger as a shy blogger; Efrat Dor as a frustrated singer-songwriter; and Ofer Shechter as a nursery school teacher. Stuffed with pop ditties and technicolor production design, CUPCAKES is an unabashedly guilty pleasure that celebrates life, love and loyalty.

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Running Time 
90 minutes
Atlanta Premiere