The Cousin

About The Film

An open-minded Israeli questions his liberal convictions when a Palestinian laborer he hired is suspected of a crime, in THE COUSIN, a hard-hitting, dark comedy exploring the latent prejudice central to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Actor-writer-director Tzahi Grad (Best Actor win at the Haifa International Film Festival) plays a version of himself as Naftali, a local Israeli media personality seeking to promote Jewish-Arab dialogue through a reality TV project. Needing renovations to his ramshackle home studio, he hires a Palestinian handyman, Fahed (Ala Dakka). When a teenage girl is assaulted, the suspicious villagers hastily blame the Arab stranger. As kneejerk panic and hostility spiral in the community and within his own family, idealistic Naftali internally battles between his own irrational racism and left-wing conscience.

Film Details

Running Time 
92 minutes
Southeast Premiere