About The Film

An action-packed gangster thriller based on the most lucrative crime in modern French history, CARBON is a riveting true story of betrayal and murder co-starring Benoît Magimel and Gérard Depardieu. Blue-collar boss Antoine Roca (Magimel) struggles to keep his trucking company afloat amid mounting debts. His emasculating wife, (Carole Brana) and her ruthless mogul father Aron Goldstein (Depardieu), take him for a loser. Trying to save his business and dignity, and get custody of his son, Antoine mounts a carbon tax scam that thrusts him into a criminal web of flashy Jewish mobsters and a vicious Arab gangster. The crooked entrepreneur is soon rolling in fast cash and a mess of trouble, as bodies pile up. Inspired by the Carbon Connection scandal of 2008-2009 involving money laundering and billions in offshore accounts, this epic tale of one desperate man’s downward spiral is a roller coaster through the gyrations of illicit high-end deal making.

Film Details

Running Time 
104 minutes
Viewing Region 
East Coast Premiere