Brave Miss World

About The Film

An Israeli beauty queen embarks on a quest to turn personal tragedy into a global awareness campaign against sexual violence, in the inspirational BRAVE MISS WORLD

In October of 1998, a teenaged Linor Abargil was brutally stabbed and raped while working as a model in Milan, Italy. Weeks later she was crowned Miss World, a first for Israel. Over the course of five years, director Cecilia Peck (Shut Up & Sing) follows Abargil on a mission to confront her past and break through the silence and shame experienced by other survivors. From Hollywood to rape crisis centers to American college campuses to the townships of South Africa, this poised and magnetic advocate travels the globe on behalf of victims of sexual assault, sharing her story and encouraging others to speak out. Confronting the possibility of her assailant being granted parole, Abargil’s own trauma resurfaces, prompting her to become more religiously observant and turn to Orthodox Judaism. 

A call for justice and a startlingly honest portrayal of personal courage, BRAVE MISS WORLD is witness to a journey toward wholeness, which never ends. Musical contributions include a score by Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and a theme song voiced by Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks.

Film Details

Running Time 
92 minutes
Viewing Region 
Southeast Premiere