Born in Jerusalem and Still Alive

About The Film

In this deft blend of dark comedy and quirky romance, a loveless schlemiel with post-traumatic neurosis finds emotional healing while gigging as a Jerusalem tour guide. When he isn’t caring for his doddering father, anxiety-prone Ronen (Yossi Atia) has an odd way of coping with his own mortality, offering free tours of famous terror attack sites along Jaffa Road. Everything changes when he meets adorable, high-spirited Asia (Lihi Kornowski), an Israeli expat studying architecture in Barcelona. His eyes suddenly open, Ronen must choose whether to wallow in ghosts of the past or embrace the prospect of a romantic future. This droll take on the absurdity of everyday life in Israel won the Jerusalem Film Festival’s Best Israeli First Film prize.

Film Details

Running Time 
83 minutes
Viewing Region 
Atlanta Premiere