Black Mercedes

About The Film

A beautiful young woman’s murder leads a Polish police detective into a shadowy underworld of sex and intrigue, in this twisting crime thriller set in Nazi-occupied Warsaw. When Aneta (Maria Dębska), wife of a prominent attorney, is found with a knife in her back, chief inspector Rafal Król (Andrzej Zieliński) is on the case. He soon uncovers her husband’s mysterious connections to a high-ranking SS officer, calling her identity into doubt. Forced to align his investigation with the Gestapo, Król’s secret membership in the Polish Underground risks exposure. As peril increases, Król races to nab the killer before he strikes again. Janusz Majewski adapts his own novel for the big screen in this noir whodunit layered with hidden identities and startling turns.

Film Details

Running Time 
123 minutes
Viewing Region 
East Coast Premiere