Apples from the Desert

About The Film

The rebellious teenage daughter of ultra-Orthodox Jewish parents journeys into the secular world in APPLES FROM THE DESERT, an adaptation of the award-winning Israeli play that poignantly explores themes of love and reconciliation.

Rebecca Abravanel (a radiant Moran Rosenblatt) is an only child, living a cloistered existence with her strictly religious Sephardic parents in Jerusalem. Unhappy with the restrictive traditions of home and community, she secretly breaks taboos, attending dance classes where she forms a relationship with secular kibbutznik Dooby (the acting debut of Israeli singer and guitarist Elisha Banai). Suspicious and angry in the face of Rebecca’s growing acts of rebellion, her strict father (Shlomi Koriat) reacts by setting in motion a prearranged marriage to an older widower with children of his own. Rebecca’s mother (Reymond Amsalem) and aunt (Irit Kaplan) are appalled, but dare not defy the authoritarian man of the household. After Rebecca runs away from home, the family conflict culminates in a moment of truth, forcing them to confront their beliefs and one another.

Nominated for three Israeli Academy Awards, APPLES FROM THE DESERT is a timeless and moving tale of tradition versus modernity.

Film Details

Running Time 
87 minutes
East Coast Premiere