Anywhere Else

About The Film

An Israeli grad student in Berlin strives to reinvent herself but finds something has been lost in translation, in the endearing family drama, ANYWHERE ELSE.

After indulging her wanderlust, thirtysomething Noa (Neta Riskin) is completing a dissertation on untranslatable words, when things start to sour. Her academic advisor rejects her thesis, her grant application is declined, her relationship with German boyfriend Jörg (Golo Euler) is strained, and Berlin’s gray skies are getting her down. Seeking the refuge of the primal nest, she flies back to Israel on a whim, only to discover home life is no better than when she left it. Her overbearing mother (Hana Laslo) and preoccupied family offer little comfort, and the unannounced arrival of Jörg puts everyone on edge.

With warmth and humor, director Ester Amrami illuminates the meaning behind language, homeland and the need for belonging. ANYWHERE ELSE is recipient of numerous international awards for artistic achievement, including from the prestigious Berlin and Karlovy Vary International Film Festivals.

Film Details

Running Time 
87 minutes
Viewing Region 
Atlanta Premiere