Alt-Right: Age of Rage

About The Film

A bone-chilling dive into an ideological maelstrom, ALT-RIGHT: AGE OF RAGE charts the rise and ugly underbelly of white nationalism, and the countervailing voices it has inspired. Embedding himself among right-wing provocateurs and the civil rights activists who challenge them, filmmaker Adam Bhala Lough takes a raw, ground-level approach, focusing on select, astonishingly candid interviewees. Cameras get unnervingly close to alt-right spokesman Richard Spencer and white supremacist Jared Taylor, espousing their broken ideology. In opposition are anti-fascist militant Daryle Lamont Jenkins, and Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, determined to defeat racism. This contested landscape of beliefs is framed by terrifying footage of the tragedy in Charlottesville, a defining moment in the battle for the nation's conscience. A captivating and terrifying wakeup call, this hard-hitting exposé reveals the polar extremes of an America at bitter odds with itself.

Film Details

Running Time 
106 minutes
Viewing Region 
Southeast Premiere