The Accountant of Auschwitz

About The Film

Raising thorny moral and legal questions, THE ACCOUNTANT OF AUSCHWITZ reconstructs the controversial war crimes trial of an elderly Nazi underling, which made headlines worldwide. A former Auschwitz guard responsible for collecting the stolen loot of Jewish prisoners, Oskar Gröning was 94 when charged by German prosecutors as an accessory to mass murder. As the frail old man faces death camp survivors, a debate rages over his complicity and fitness to stand trial. Was Gröning just following orders, a mere cog in a large killing machine, or a culpable witness to genocide, despite his rank and age? Racing against time, a new generation of investigators seeks to atone for past sins, pursuing charges against the last living perpetrators of the Holocaust while testing the limits of international law and historical reconciliation. With broad implications, this deftly researched look at the pursuit of justice is sure to provoke both outrage and fascination.

Film Details

Running Time 
78 minutes
Atlanta Premiere