The 90 Minute War

About The Film

After decades of strife and failed peace talks, both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict decide to settle their differences on a soccer field, in the bold satire THE 90 MINUTE WAR.

With the threat of renewed hostilities looming, the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority agree to end the intractable crisis once and for all. The solution: a winner-take-all soccer match. One game will decide who will remain in the Holy Land, and who must go. The stakes couldn’t be higher for the chairman of the Israeli Football Association and his Palestinian counterpart (Moshe Ivgy and Norman Issa, who shared the Best Actor prize at the Haifa International Film Festival). Every detail of the game becomes a potentially deal-breaking negotiation, from the choice of venue to the selection of an impartial referee. As the fateful match draws closer, both men struggle with ambivalence about their place on the world stage while pursuing every advantage to ensure victory.

Tackling a serious subject as a politically incorrect mockumentary, THE 90 MINUTE WAR reveals the sometimes petty and ridiculous nature of the differences dividing the Middle East.

Film Details

Running Time 
84 minutes
Southeast Premiere