1913: Seeds of Conflict

About The Film

Tapping an enlightening new vein of contemporary scholarship, 1913: SEEDS OF CONFLICT dissects the oft-overlooked but pivotal pre-WWI genesis of present-day Israeli-Palestinian turmoil.

The year 1913 is a moment of transformation in the Middle East. Ottoman rule in Palestine is strong but waning, and peaceful coexistence among familial and religious groups starts to fray. With Ottoman sovereignty threatened, and the nascent forces of Zionism and Arabism on the rise, the region struggles under the forces of change. Few could foresee the harbingers of a conflict that would dominate the next century. The film’s storytellers – a Jew, a Muslim, a European Zionist and a Christian – provide unique eyewitness accounts of corresponding events. Their narrative is supported by the rigorous new research of historians working in Ramallah, Tel Aviv and the United States, who are each investigating the period before the British conquest of Palestine in 1917.

Filmmaker Ben Loeterman (The People v. Leo Frank) ties these elements together with still photographs, dramatic reenactments of historical sequences and newly recovered film footage of the period.

Film Details

Running Time 
58 minutes
Viewing Region 
East Coast Premiere