AJFF Brand Guidelines and Elements

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival is known for bold, powerful storytelling. We showcase the finest independent and international cinema each year. Our logo and brand elements are equally bold and colorful.

Here, you'll be able to access specific elements, including logotypes, approved color palettes, vector and raster elements, etc. If you have any questions about accessing or utilizing these materials, please contact us with questions.

AJFF Logo Seal
The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival utilizes a seal logo, with its name set in Trade Gothic. Below, you can download generic versions of the AJFF seal logo in vector or raster format:

Approved Color Palette
AJFF utilizes four colors with seven shades apiece throughout our marketing and branded materials. These colors are included below as palette files that can be imported in Adobe Creative Suite or other design programs. You may also reference the PDF overview of the various CMYK, RGB, Hex, and Pantone settings for these colors.

Approved Fonts and Type
Approved fonts include the following:

Festival Selection Laurel
The 2022 festival selection laurel may only be used in materials for films programmed during the 2022 annual festival:

Non-Festival Official Selection Laurel
The official selection laurel may only be used in materials for films programmed outside the annual festival:

AJFF Recommends
The packet below includes all variations and formats (vertical, horizontal, icon) for white/light and dark backgrounds: