2020 AJFF Jury Prizes Announced


The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival is pleased to announce the 2020 AJFF Jury Prize winners in six categories: Best Narrative, Best Documentary, Best Short, Emerging Filmmaker, Building Bridges, and Human Rights.

Each winner was determined by a committee of three jurors, drawn from a wide range of perspectives, including film industry veterans to community leaders and undergraduate film students. Learn more about the members of the 2020 AJFF Jury. We extend our deepest appreciation to this esteemed jury panel for their informed viewpoints and thoughtful deliberation.

See below for a complete list of 2020 AJFF Jury Prize winners and jury statements:

Narrative Jury Prize: Those Who Remained

Barnabás Tóth, Director • Hungary

"Those Who Remained stands out as the film that exemplifies the purpose of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, to bring people together. This intimately painted picture takes you through depravity, hope, loss, and love and how human connections are formed and nurtured."

Documentary Jury Prize: Rewind

Sasha Joseph Neulinger, Director • USA

"This was the documentary jury’s unanimous selection. It’s a brave, uncensored and raw depiction of sexual abuse and the emotional journey to recovery. The filmmaker places the viewer beside him on his harrowing investigation of two generations of family secrets and betrayal. A fascinating, impressive and unforgettable debut film."

Emerging Filmmaker Jury Prize: Élise Otzenberger, My Polish Honeymoon

"My Polish Honeymoon is a film that engages the spirit, displaying Ms. Otzenberger's ability to tackle a difficult subject with a subtleness and competence not often seen in an emerging filmmaker."

Building Bridges Jury Prize: Shared Legacies: The African-American Jewish Civil Rights Alliance

Dr. Shari Rogers, Director • USA

"Shared Legacies embodied the concept behind the Building Bridges Jury Prize by fostering understanding between seemingly disparate communities, creating connections that strengthened the plight for justice and equality, and showed the possibilities that can result from allowing ourselves to see the other."

Human Rights Jury Prize: The Passengers

Ryan S. Porush, Director • Ethiopia, Israel, USA

"Our pick for the Human Rights Prize is The Passengers. It captures an incredible moment of strength and hope prevailing in the face of a most cruel injustice, managing to both inspire and provoke."

Shorts Jury Prize: Mum's Hairpins

Tatiana Fedorovskaya, Director • Germany, Russia, Ukraine

"A beautifully told cinematic story of survival in the face of sudden and incredible loss, Mum’s Hairpins took us on a symbolic journey through the eyes of a child, forced to grow up in an instant."

Thank you again to our esteemed 2020 AJFF Jury, pictured below.