2020 AJFF Audience Award Winners Announced


The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 AJFF Audience Award in three categories: Best Narrative, Best Documentary, and Best Short.

AJFF Audience Award winners are determined by popular vote of the festival audience, with moviegoers ranking each film on a four-point scale. The film receiving the highest average ranking wins that category.

Best Narrative: The Keeper

Marcus H. Rosenmüller, Director • Germany, United Kingdom

An ex-Nazi plays soccer for salvation in this rousing, romantic epic true story. No longer a British POW, the Manchester City team hires Bert Trautmann as goalkeeper, where he arouses the interest of the club manager’s daughter, and the post-war ire of fans. Famously playing the ‘56 FA Cup Final with a broken neck, Trautmann’s tale tells of how sports can unite.

Best Documentary: Saul & Ruby, To Life!

Tod Lending, Director • Canada, Poland, USA

An inseparable pair of sprightly Holocaust survivors brings their tuneful call for peace and healing from assisted living facilities in Florida to the world stage, in this uniquely uplifting tribute to the human spirit. Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning documentarian Tod Lending expertly weaves comedy and tragedy in this charming, poignant and, above all, affirmative celebration of family, friendship, heartache, resilience and hope.

Best Short: A Jew Walks Into a Bar

Jonathan Miller, Director • USA

An ultra-Orthodox Brooklynite aspires to become a stand-up comedian in this refreshing, funny yet poignant depiction of the troublesome dichotomy and conflict between religion and career.