AJFF Recommends: What to Watch in May


This month's edition features almost every film genre including both documentary and narrative biographies, romantic comedies, gripping dramas, along with former AJFF picks. 

In Theatres

Ask Dr. Ruth
Recently programmed as part of AJFF Selects, this heartfelt, crowd-pleasing biography profiles Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the diminutive Holocaust survivor who became America's most famous sex therapist. AJFF was fortunate to feature a post-film Q&A with Dr. Ruth's daughter, Miriam Westheimer.

Long Shot
Seth Rogen produced and stars in a new romantic and politcal satire, already receiving favorable reviews. Rogen stars as Fred Flarsky, an unemployed journalist, who reunites with his former babysitter and childhood crush, played by Charlize Theron, who has since become one of the most influential politicians in the world. 

Video on Demand

The Last Resort
Recently shown at the 2019 AJFF, the documentary captures a wistful portrait of a Miami Beach of a bygone era. This vibrant and informative peek through the camera lens is a visually superb record of a short-lived but long remembered chapter in Miami Beach history.

Private Parts 
Released in 1997, the narrative biopic of shock jock Howard Stern stars Stern, and is adapted from his autobiography of the same name. The now cult classic also features a mix of Stern's real-life collegues playing themselves alongside Hollywood heavyweights like Paul Giamatti.

Blu-Ray & DVD

This biographical drama, directed by Ethan Hawke and based on the life of country musician Blaze Foley, is adapted from the novel Living in the Woods in a Tree: Remembering Blaze by Sybil Rosen, Blaze's muse, who also wrote the screenplay with Hawke. The film, ranging over three periods of time, examines the life of Blaze Foley, the unsung songwriting legend of the Texas Outlaw Music movement and his romance with Rosen, whom he called, “a beautiful little Jewish girl with kinky hair.”

To Dust
First-time filmmaker Shawn Snyder captures a grief-stricken Hasidic widower who enlists an unwitting biology teacher in an obsessive struggle to make peace with his loss and grasp the mortality of the flesh, in the perversely charming, dark buddy comedy featuring Géza Röhrig and Matthew Broderick. 

Shown at the 2019 AJFF, this drama is a highly graphic and disturbing depiction of Nazi atrocities. The unprecedented Russian box office hit is the country's largest ever Holocaust film production, funded with government support to commemorate the uprising's 75th anniversary.