AJFF What to Watch in March


Three former AJFF favorites and touching dramas make up this month's picks. 

In Theatres

To Dust
2019 AJFF audiences not only had the chance to see this riveting dark comedy, but also to hear from director Shawn Snyder and actor Géza Röhrig who were both able to join AJFF for all of its screenings. Said AJFF's executive director Kenny Blank of the film, "Nuanced, irreverent, well-produced, and beautifully cast, To Dust is the embodiment of the type of film you can often only experience at a film festival. The subject of death, the grieving process and the physical decomposition of the body – not typical fodder for film. But in the hands of first-time filmmaker Shawn Snyder and award-winning actors Géza Röhrig (best known for his breakout role in Son of Saul) and Matthew Broderick, these difficult topics are given a surprisingly thoughtful, comedic and perversely charming treatment."

The Invisibles
Part of the 2018 AJFF, the film, combining edge-of-the-seat dramatizations with survivor testimonies, brings emotion and authenticity to the little-known story of Jewish teens and young adults who outlasted the Third Reich while hiding in Berlin. Brilliantly mixing oral histories with striking re-enactments, this unusual hybrid docu-drama offers a powerful and uplifting message of resilience and courage.

Based on Anna Segher’s 1942 novel Transit Visa, the film translates the original story of Georg, a German refugee, who flees to Marseille assuming the identity of a recently deceased writer whose papers he is carrying to the present, in what the A.V. Club calls a "brilliantly baffling refugee thriller."

Video on Demand

Blue Jasmine
The 2013 Woody Allen written and directed film, based both on A Streetcar Named Desire and the real-life drama of the 2008 Madoff scandal, won Cate Blanchett her second Academy Award. 

Blu-Ray & DVD

If Beale Street Could Talk 
The Jewish Telegraphic Agency notes that a "yarmulke-clad Dave Franco" is featured in one of the film's most powerful moments in director Barry Jenkins' latest film, an adaptation of James Baldwin’s heart-rending novel.   

The Last Resort
Part of the 2019 AJFF, the film captures a once-thriving Jewish beachfront paradise rediscovered through priceless, captivating photos, in a wistful portrait of a Miami Beach of a bygone era. This vibrant and informative peek through the camera lens is a visually superb record of a short-lived but long remembered chapter in Miami Beach history.

The Second Time Around
Part of the 2017 AJFF, this touching narrative follows two senior citizens who discover that it’s never too late to fall in love. Featuring career-capping performances by its two veteran lead actors–Linda Thorson of The Avengers and two-time Emmy Award winner Stuart Margolin of The Rockford Files. AJFF audiences were treated to a post-film Q&A with Thorson and and TCM's Ben Mankiewicz following a screening of the film.