2019 AJFF Audience Award Winners Announced


The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 AJFF Audience Award in three categories: Best Narrative, Best Documentary, and Best Short.

AJFF Audience Award winners are determined by popular vote of the festival audience, with moviegoers ranking each film on a four-point scale. The film receiving the highest average ranking wins that category.

Best Narrative: Shoelaces

Jacob Goldwasser, Director • Israel

This wholly engaging, tender family dramedy about the knotty relationship between an aging, irascible mechanic and the exuberant special-needs son he abandoned long before, both tested by tribulations that prompt complicated ethical and legal questions with profound ramifications, was nominated for eight Israeli Academy Awards including Best Film.

Best Documentary: Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz

Barry Avrich, Director • Canada

This riveting and affecting anthem to a human rights pioneer, profiles the diminutive, unsung hero who was Chief Prosecutor and put mass-murdering Nazi Einsatzgruppen members on trial at the historic Nuremburg Trials.

Best Short: I Have a Message for You

Matan Rochlitz, Director • Israel, Italy, United Kingdom

An unfathomable decision by an Auschwitz survivor leaves a huge burden on her conscience, in this uplifting and extraordinary story of love and survival, told adroitly through heartfelt testimony enhanced by beautifully rendered abstract animation.