Meet AJFF: AJFF Voice Talent and WIFTA Executive Director Jennifer Long


We're incredibly proud that AJFF attracts some of the most talented, passionate people. From our staff, to our volunteers, or even to members of our audience, there's a huge group of people that make AJFF a world-class cultural event. This month, we're putting the spotlight on the voice of AJFF and new WIFTA executive director, Jennifer Long.

A Little Bit about Jennifer

Raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jennifer has been in Atlanta for nearly 20 years since graduating from Hampton University with a BA in mass media arts and an MBA in strategic management from Pepperdine University. Jennifer started her career in the entertainment industry working for brands like The Weather Channel, MTV Networks and NUVO TV before moving into education and then into nonprofit. Jennifer, along with her children Addison and Parkes, resides in Sandy Springs, where she is a Voice Over Artist and Executive Director of Women in Film and Television of Atlanta. 

How did you come to be involved with AJFF?

My incredible neighbor, Lesli Greenberg, invited me to consider getting involved with the AJFF. We talked about my work as a Voice Over Artist and she immediately made the connection. I also deepened my involvement by joining the Community Engagement Committee. 

What is the most interesting challenge, in improving AJFF, with which you get to help? 

Honestly, the staff and volunteers do everything so well, I really see my work as an addition to the already incredible programming and events offered year round. My VO just adds a little something extra. 

What is your fondest memory from being involved with AJFF?

I love being part of the magic that happens behind the scenes. During the last screening at City Springs, it was a joy just simply to have fun conversation about our life and work. The detail and care that each person puts into every aspect of the experience with the AJFF is something so phenomenal. 

How has your experience outside of AJFF played into your work with the festival?

My work as a VO Artist seems a natural fit with the work of the AJFF. Announcing during the Opening Night, providing VO projects for Selects Screenings and any other projects really allows me to translate my professional work in a way that supports other creative needs of the AJFF.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being involved with AJFF?

The people! The passion and commitment that goes into the selection of the films to the program development is extraordinary. 

How do you describe AJFF to those who've never experienced it?

Simply...don't miss it. It's pretty incredible. 

What's your favorite AJFF film, and why?

My favorite film was Spielberg. I have a particular fondness for documentaries about people. I enjoy learning about the experiences and events that shape one's life. Spielberg offered greater perspective on his path to his passion and amazing work as a filmmaker. 

Who would you cast to play you in a film?

Hmmm....I'd cast Gabrielle Union. She's taller than I!! 

Thank you to Jennifer for her time this month and her contributions to our programming. Stay tuned to see whom we profile next month.