Recap: 2018 Cinebash


On Saturday, June 23, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival held its first-ever Cinebash, which, translated literally, is a film party. Cinebash is unlike any other AJFF program, a unique way to engage with new and diverse audiences around the cinema arts and Jewish culture, outside of a traditional theatre space.

This year’s Cinebash was themed around the work of graphic designer Saul Bass, best known for his motion picture title sequences, including Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Psycho, promotional movie posters for such films as Exodus, The Shining and West Side Story, as well as some of the world’s most recognizable logos.

The Location

Known for its vital role in Atlanta’s cultural landscape by presenting the work of consequential artists, Atlanta Contemporary was the perfect host venue for a celebration of the acclaimed Jewish-American graphic designer.

The Event

The party kicked off at  7:00 PM, and lasted until 12:00 AM, with some 500 guests  mixing and mingling throughout the night. Upon receiving a ticket, guests perused the creative spaces within, curated by Danny Davis of Protect Awesome. Throughout the Atlanta Contemporary, the work of Saul Bass served as inspiration for multiple art installations, making dynamic use of light, color and movement. Among the highlights: a Saul and Elaine Bass mural wall that invited guests to pick up a paintbrush and partake in the art, compliments of Color ATL; an interactive slideshow projection by My Animation Life with local animators; and an immersive Vertigo Room that surrounded guests with moving light imagery featuring the Saul Bass aesthetic.

Guests could also enjoy a Saul Bass library, filled with books and articles about the designer. The library included a video display that exhibited, not only Bass’ movie title sequences, but other works that he inspired, such as Catch Me If You Can, Mad Men, and the recent hit TV show, Feud.

Guests could also venture into a vibrant outdoor space, featuring DJ Santiago Páramo (who created a custom playlist for the night), as well as a showcase of Saul Bass logos brought to life through light projection.

Those who discovered the Contemporary’s Secret Garden space enjoyed custom drinks for the night: The Luminary, The Trendsetter, and The Trailblazer, all named for Saul Bass.

Finally, guests were given a commemorative tote bag, containing a labeled shot glass, a special poster and map of what they experienced, a yummy treat for the road, and information from AJFF’s partner organizations, who were key to promoting this first-time event.

The Food

From 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Taste of Atlanta was on deck featuring an assortment of delicious bites from restaurants Alon's Bakery & Market, 1KEPT, City Barbeque, DAS BBQ, and FLIP Burger Boutique.  


Button It Up was on hand all night to take photos to be posted immediately to guests’ social channels. Official photographs of the event are plentiful and capture the spirit of the night.

Cinebash 2018


Blue Marble Media also filmed hightlights of the night.

A special thank you to all who attended, helped to support, joined to create, and who hopefully, will be there with us for our next Cinebash!