AJFF Recommends: What to Watch in June


Keep an eye out for two classics back on the big screen from Turner Classic Movies, one of the highest grossing films ever, and more in this month's edition.

In Theatres

The Producers
Turner Classic Movies brings the classic Mel Brooks comedy back to the big screen for its 50th anniversary with exclusive TCM insight. AJFF was honored to screen the film for audiences after the passing of comedic genius Gene Wilder in 2016. 

West Side Story
Winner of 10 Academy Awards with music from Jewish artists Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, the film also features a title sequence, end credits, and poster art from our Cinebash honoree, Saul Bass. This musical, brought back to the big screen courtesy of Turner Classic Movies, sets the ageless tragedy of Romeo and Juliet in the streets of 1950's New York.


Blue Jasmine
The 2013 Woody Allen written and directed film, based both on A Streetcar Named Desire and the real life drama of the 2008 Madoff scandal, won Cate Blanchett her second Academy Award. 

DVD & Blu-Ray

Black Panther
In this still shattering box office records smash, keep an eye out for Jewish comic book legend, Stan Lee, who has made 28 cameos in the works he created, this film among them. Hear more about Lee's inspiration behind Black Panther, chief reasons being bringing diversity to the comic book world and to use real world issues in his writing.