Meet AJFF: Community Programming Manager, Katherine Price


We're incredibly proud that AJFF attracts some of the most talented, passionate people. We rely heavily on this village to make AJFF what it is, and we're going to introduce you to some of the people who make up that village. From our staff, to our volunteers, or even to members of our audience, there's a huge group of people that make AJFF a world-class cultural event. This month, we're putting the spotlight on AJFF’s newest employee, Community Programming Manager, Katherine Price.

A Little Bit About Katherine 

I was born and raised here in Atlanta, and early on I developed a strong passion for the arts and entertainment. I particularly loved the idea of connecting different communities through storytelling and have sought out ways to do that both in school and professionally. While attending Harvard for my undergraduate degree, I was very involved in the theater and television scenes and held several internships in New York and Los Angeles. After graduation, I worked at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in New York as an Agent Trainee in the Alternative Television Department.

More about Community Programming and AJFF

Our Community Programming Manager handles all guest programming coordination involved in both the annual festival and additional year-round programming. Additionally, the manager leads the AJFF's community engagement efforts, seeking to ensure that AJFF is finding appropriate partners for all events while strategically working with diverse partners city-wide.

How did you come to be involved with AJFF?

Three years into living in Manhattan, I really wanted to move back to Atlanta and to work in an environment in which I could have more of a social impact. I hoped to stay connected with the arts community as well. When the Community Programming Manager position at AJFF came across my radar, it sounded like a perfect fit, and I’m very excited to have started here in mid-October.

What is the most interesting challenge, in improving AJFF, that you get to help with?

With AJFF’s programming now rooted in its year-round efforts, I’m excited for the opportunity to find new ways to engage with not just our own community, but with other cultural groups all around Atlanta.

What is your fondest memory from being involved with AJFF?

Well, since I’m only a few weeks in at this point, it has to be having Bryan Greenberg here for AJFF On Campus! That was a great way to feel integrated instantly into the AJFF family.

How has your experience outside of AJFF played into your work with the festival?

I come from a background of working with talent, so I’m using a lot of the same skill set that I have in past positions. Additionally, it’s always been in my nature to bring different groups together – from serving on a young professionals in entertainment board in New York to simply being the ‘connector’ between all of my social circles, I am eager to bring individuals together to develop unique relationships.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being involved with AJFF?

The community here is astounding – though our staff consists of just nine people, there is such a huge family that works to make AJFF a success. I’m excited to experience it firsthand this year.

Who would you cast to play you in a film?

I usually get Ginnifer Goodwin as my doppleganger, and I’d be honored to have her play me in a film!

Thank you to Katherine for her time this month. AJFF is so excited to have her on board and many in our community will be hearing from her soon! Stay tuned to see whom we profile next month.