Sports Films at the 2017 AJFF


We're always excited about the themes and genres that emerge every year from the lineup and this year. Take a look at sports films this year including those about soccer, basketball, boxing, and the Olympics. And, you can always sort more of the lineup by category and theme before you find out where they're playing at the 2017 AJFF!

The 90 Minute War

After decades of strife and failed peace talks, both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict decide to settle their differences on a soccer field, in the bold satire The 90 Minute War.

Forever Pure

A secretive deal to transfer Muslim players to an Israeli soccer team triggers a crisis of politics, money and race in Forever Pure, a timely and cautionary tale of nationalism and demagoguery.

Kid Yamaka, part of Shorts Program 3

An up-and-coming boxer’s troubled background, and his path from juvenile delinquency to personal redemption through faith and family. 

Olympic Pride, American Prejudice

Olympic Pride, American Prejudice examines the complex racial politics of the 1936 Summer Games in Nazi Germany, as experienced by the trailblazing but largely forgotten athletes most impacted.

On the Map

An unforgettable upset victory by the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team against a Cold War adversary is exhilaratingly recounted in On the Map.