Family-Friendly Films at the 2017 AJFF


We're always excited about the themes and genres that emerge every year from the lineup and this year. Take a look at family-friendly films we have this year including those about a friendly monster, an epic basketball victory, several films about brave children and those who help them to survive, and The Pickle Recipe (That one basically describes itself!). And, you can always sort more of the lineup by category and theme before you find out where they're playing at the 2017 AJFF!


A boy forms a secret friendship with a mythical creature in this family-friendly, heart-warming tale of friendship and familial bonds, inspired by Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Big Sonia

A diminutive Holocaust survivor with an indomitable spirit dispenses life lessons in this warm and affectionate winner of two prizes at the Napa Valley Film Festival.

The Children of Chance

In this family-friendly coming-of-age drama, replete with appealing performances by its young ensemble cast, a Jewish boy finds camaraderie and safety in the shelter of a children’s hospital in Nazi-occupied France.

Fanny's Journey

A resourceful young girl leads 11 orphans through Nazi-occupied France in this coming-of-age, family friendly drama bristling with suspense and poignancy. Based on Fanny Ben-Ami’s autobiographical novel.

Hanna's Sleeping Dogs

A young Catholic girl learns the truth about her identity in a 1960s provincial Austrian town still harboring prejudices from the past, in this tale based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Elisabeth Escher.

On the Map

Demoralized after the Yom Kippur War and Munich massacre, Israel’s unforgettable upset win by the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team against the four-time Soviet champs, is exhilaratingly recounted.

The Pickle Recipe

A cash-strapped party emcee and his devious uncle scheme to steal a secret recipe, in this genial family comedy with comedian Jon Dore, Oscarnominee David Paymer and Sex and the City actress Lynn Cohen.

Restoring Tomorrow

The audacious renovation of a national treasure, the opulent 1929 Wilshire Boulevard Temple, home to the oldest Jewish congregation in LA, and now a center for Jewish life and social services for an ethnically diverse region, is recounted in this hopeful vision for new generations of LA’s Jewish community.