#AJFF2017 By the Numbers


You've seen the films for this year's lineup. You've read the film descriptions. Perhaps you've watched some of the trailers? But maybe you're curious about the big picture around this year's festival. Just how does this all break down, by the numbers? Take a look for yourself at these numbers from the 2017 AJFF:

Number of films submitted to AJFF this year: 1,029 
Number of films accepted in the 2017 festival: 75
Number of films viewed by the 2017 Evaluation Committee: 572
Number of individual evaluations from the 2017 Evaluation Committee: 17,362
Number of countries represented in the 2017 festival: 24
Number of screenings at the 23-day festival: 202
Number of World Premieres: 4
Number of North American Premieres: 5
Number of U.S. Premieres: 1
Number of World Premiere local films: 1 – Schube Strong, in Shorts Program 1 
Total run time of all our films, combined: 5,561 minutes*

*5,561 may be hard to wrap your mind around so it's basically the equivalent of watching Lawrence of Arabia (which stars Peter O'Toole, who also is in the festival in My Favorite Year) a little over 24 times. We don't recommend doing that as rule. It's a lot, is what we're saying but we know you'll find the time for your favorites at this year's festival and we can't wait to see you!