Graphically Speaking: A Minimalist Graphical Take on [[The Graduate]]


Films are a complicated, collaborative art. There's plenty of moving parts, from the script to the cinematography, to the sound and music, with actors' and directors' visions mixed in for good measure. But as big as movies are, they're often quite simple too.

Think about that most quotable line from Jaws, "We're gonna need a bigger boat." Imagine the moment in The Princess Bride when Westley utters, "As you wiiiiiiiiiiiiiish," while rolling down a steep hill. Films can be distilled to their essential core, which is why we're taking a focused look at classic Jewish cinema. One of our interns, Justin Crews, took on this concept with a series of minimalist posters to highlight some of the key elements of in some of our favorite films, like The Graduate.

Said Justin of his below work, "The Graduate is a film about the isolation of uncertainty. There's never a more poignant demonstration of the separation between Dustin Hoffman's character and his purported path in life, as when he is fully submerged in a wet suit. Devoid of sound and looking from the inside out, this statuesque pose tells the whole story in a single image."

Released in 1976, the generation defining film features one of the best movie soundtracks of all-time, by Simon & Garfunkel, and one of the best performances of Dustin Hoffman's career. One theme highlighted throughout the film is the omnipresent awkwardness of Hoffman's character, Ben. He is continually thrust into a series of circumstances for which his college education did not prepare him. If you need convincing, this 2012 article says it best: "[Ben] is not a hero and hardly the focus of his own story. The dialogue is enough to establish his feebleness in the face of life... throughout the film, large faces monopolize the screen... showing how overwhelmed Benjamin is by those around him."

Judge for yourself with Crews art below:

Justin Crews is more than a talented artist and M.F.A. Animation candidate at SCAD. He's also an intern at AJFF, and you could be too. Interested? Let us know.