You #AskKasdan, We'll Get the Answers


Here's your chance to #AskKasdan. On Sunday, May 22, Lawrence Kasdan will be in Atlanta for the 2016 AJFF Icon Award. A conversation with Mr. Kasdan will take place at that time. Included in that conversation may be some of your questions. 

You've got questions, and we're looking forward to getting answers. Simply use #AskKasdan on Facebook or Twitter or write us at and let us know what questions you have for the screenwriter, director, and producer behind some of our favorite films including, The Big Chill, three Star Wars films including The Force Awakens, Body Heat, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.  

*Note: We can only ask the questions, we cannot guarentee any answers. But we'll try. And yes, we say that knowing he wrote the below.


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