A Note From The Director of [[To Step Forward Myself]]


You voted and To Step Forward Myself won Best Short for the 2016 AJFF Audience Awards presented by the Helen Marie Stern Memorial Fund. Before you see the film again or with someone new, take a look at director Yael Luttwak's note about the film.

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Director's Note 

I was inspired to make To Step Forward Myself because of the heartfelt honesty and brave search - albeit tragic - journey of the protagonist - Alex Singer. Alex was a bright, articulate, attractive, joyous, funny and sporty fellow - an all around great human being but he was also honest in his writings and artwork about his doubts, insecurities, questions and above all else, his persistent search to lead a meaningful Jewish life. 

Alex decided to join the IDF and excelled with humility, bravery and passion. He was a light and I was passionate to share his humane search to lead a life of purpose as honestly as possible.

It's tough to think of my favorite part of making the film because I love all the stages of filmmaking. This film was no exception. It was an honor to interview Alex's immediate family who commissioned the film and were brave and honest themselves in recalling Alex and his story. I loved editing the film with my colleague and friend, David Grossbach and I loved the moment I realized the opening music for the film and watching the family's 8mm home videos that hadn't been developed let alone viewed in decades. 

You never know when you set out to make a film how exactly it will turn out completely and how it will be received by an audience. I do my best, trust my instincts and pour my heart and soul into projects. It is a huge honor to be included by the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival and to be embraced by the audience. 

Thank you and I hope to meet some of you and your community at the upcoming screening. 

With much appreciation,