Encore Screenings Now on Sale


Join us at Lefont Sandy Springs and Tara Cinemas on Wednesday, February 17 for another chance to see some of the most sought-after films of the 2016 AJFF. Encore screenings are determined based on popular demand. If you missed a film or couldn't get tickets, this is your chance to catch audience favorites of this year's festival.

Below is the complete list of screenings. Buy your tickets sooner than later because they will sell out!

Atomic Falafel

Spunky teens buck military hardliners to prevent a Middle East nuclear crisis in this farce that skewers the current Israel-Iran showdown.

Get your tickets:
Feb. 17 at 1:35 PM at UA Tara >>
Feb. 17 at 6:40 PM at Lefont >> 

East Jerusalem West Jerusalem

Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza, a folk-rock superstar, uses music to alter political and social realities, and unite musical artists across the Middle East.

Get your tickets:
Feb. 17 at 9:05 PM at Lefont >>

Fire Birds

Secrets of a circle of spry Holocaust survivors must be unlocked to solve a murder mystery that enticingly entwines past and present.

Get your tickets:
Feb. 17 at 11:00 AM at UA Tara >>
Feb. 17 at 6:30 PM at Lefont >>

A Grain of Truth

A maverick prosecutor finds himself dragged into the investigation of a string of ritual killings rooted in Poland’s anti-Semitic past, in this masterfully constructed whodunit.

Get your tickets:
Feb. 17 at 1:35 PM at Lefont>>

The Grüninger File

The largely unknown story of the Swiss Oskar Schindler is recounted in this gripping drama about the courageous police captain, later honored by Yad Vashem, who risked everything to save those fleeing the Nazi onslaught.

Get your tickets:
Feb. 17 at 1:45 PM at Lefont>>

The Kind Words

Three disparate siblings trek across France to uncover their parentage in this insightful melodrama that explores a family in crisis.

Get your tickets:
Feb. 17 at 11:00 AM at Lefont>>
Feb. 17 at 8:40 PM at Tara>>

The Midnight Orchestra

The estranged son of a once famous Moroccan musician is unexpectedly transformed after returning to his homeland, in this bittersweet crowd-pleaser.

Get your tickets:
Feb. 17 at 4:05 PM at Lefont>>

The People vs. Fritz Bauer

Burghart Klaußner is electrifying as the German-Jewish prosecutor who defied his country to bring Adolph Eichmann to account.

Get your tickets:
Feb. 17 at 6:05 PM at Tara >>
Feb. 17 at 8:55 PM at Lefont>>

Wedding Doll

Sterling acting highlights the story of a mentally disabled young Israeli woman struggling for independence against her protective mother.

Get your tickets:
Feb. 17 at 3:50 PM at Tara >>
Feb. 17 at 4:15 PM at Lefont >> 

What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy

The descendants of Nazi war criminals confront the wartime sins of their fathers, in this bracing and illuminating examination of inherited family shame and denial.

Get your tickets: 
Feb. 17 at 11:10 AM at Lefont >>

More Questions?

Q: How do I get tickets?
A: Encore tickets are $13, and available online, onsite at the AJFF Box Office, or by calling 678-701-6104 (a service fee of $2.50 applies to phone orders).

Q: Why isn't the movie I want to see getting an encore?
A: Encore screenings are determined based on popular demand. Due to certain restrictions enforced by the filmmakers and distributors, AJFF isn't always permitted to offer additional screenings of certain films.