Day of Encores Information


On February 17th, after Closing Night, some of the most popular and in-demand movies of the festival will receive an impromptu repeat screening at UA Tara Cinemas and Lefont Sandy Springs. If you missed a film or couldn’t get tickets, this is your chance to catch that one film you still need to see! Here's some information you need to know:

When will the encores be announced?

They've been officially announced! We unveiled the 2016 Day of Encores lineup, and put tickets on sale, at noon on Sunday, February 7. See the full lineup and get your tickets today.

How will encores be announced? 

Details about encores has been released via email, here at, and on our social channels, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (which you should be following already for the best coverage of #AJFF2016). If you are not getting our emails, sign up at today.

When can I buy tickets to encores?

Tickets for encores are available right now, and were put on sale at the same time the full lineup was announced.

Why isn't the film I want to see getting an encore?

There could be a host of reasons; but for the most part, due to certain restrictions enforced by the filmmakers and distributors, AJFF isn't always permitted to offer additional screenings of popular films. We'll try and bring back as many of your favorites as we can!