Professor's Must See Film of 2016: [[Rabin in His Own Words]]


One of the highlights of every annual Program Guide is Professor Matthew Bernstein’s* must-see films list. He painstakingly reviews a slew of films in each year's lineup, and 2016 has him as enthusiastic as ever.

We'll be featuring his picks, one-by-one. Of course, if you can't wair to see his entire write-up, make sure to grab your copy of the official Program Guide

Rabin in His Own Words

Using Rabin’s speeches, interviews, recollections, photos and home movies, this is a thoroughly absorbing, intimate portrait of both the Israeli military hero-turned-peace-making leader and the Israel of his time. Whether or not you know Rabin’s biography in detail, you will find this film fascinating. How could an introvert become a national leader? One’s admiration for Rabin only grows after learning about the foundation he laid for the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement (against the protests of Menachem Begin who reaped all the glory), his anti-settlement stance, and his various peace-making efforts that he pursued until his tragic assassination. Given his assessment of many of Israel’s most challenging issues, from religious extremism and the settlement movement to the prospects for peace, Rabin emerges not only as a highly humane statesman, but a prophetic leader. 

*Dr. Matthew Bernstein is the Goodrich C. White Professor of Film and Media Studies and department chair at Emory University.


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