#AJFF2016 By The Numbers


You've seen the lineup. You've read the film descriptions. Perhaps you've watched some of the trailers? But maybe you're curious about the big picture around this year's festival. Just how does this all break down, by the numbers? Take a look for yourself at these numbers from the 2016 AJFF:

  • Number of films submitted to AJFF this year: 959 
  • Number of films accepted in the 2016 festival: 77
  • Number of films viewed by the 2016 Evaluation Committee: 513
  • Number of individual evaluations from the 2016 Evaluation Committee: 13,061
  • Number of countries represented in the 2016 festival: 26
  • Number of screenings at the 23-day festival: 171
  • Number of World Premieres: 5
  • Number of North American Premieres: 9
  • Number of U.S. Premieres: 4
  • Number of World Premiere local films: 2 – those would be In Our Eyes (made by students at Camp Flix and leading off Shorts Program 2) and Jerry-atric (a documentary about local comedian, Jerry Farber, part of Shorts Program 3)
  • Total run time of all our films, combined: 5,022 minutes*

*5,022 minutes may be hard to wrap your mind around. At the risk of sounding like something from the Rent soundtrack, that's 301,320 seconds, more than 83 hours, and more than 3 days! It's also about how long it would take to screen the epic romance Titanic twenty-four times in a row. Or you could screen the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (theatrical cuts) nine times and still need a few minutes of trailers to get to 5,022 minutes. It's a lot, is what we're saying.