2016 AJFF Trailer: (Almost) A Whole Festival in 1 Minute 23 Seconds


How do you begin to make a trailer that captures the breadth of the entire festival, and do it all in just one minute and 23 seconds? It's a tall order, but take a look for yourself and see how well we did.


The process starts with a look at our films, of which there are 77 this year. We identify as many standout shots, sounds, and imagery as we can. Then, building on the marketing designs we developed with students at SCAD and the talented team at Resolution Media, we begin the painstaking process of stitching the trailer together with our partners at Crawford Media Services.

From the initial rough cuts, we also begin weaving in the musical score. This is a particularly tricky element. We typically end up with two or three different bits of music, one flowing to the next. That makes it easier to convey the various emotional themes available at the annual festival, ranging from light and comedic to serious and suspenseful.

The final trailer doesn't begin to really come together until a couple weeks later, just before we're ready to announce the full lineup. The hardest part about making it? Probably finding a place to stop as all of the films this year are filled with imagery we would love to keep finding news ways to highlight. 

Be sure to take a look at the individual films' trailers, and of course, find your way to the festival (January 26 - February 17) to watch the full films!