Spring Film Series at Temple Sinai


Films provide us with insight into society at a specific point in time. Looking at the context around a film allows us a greater understanding of how it helped to shape a society and its culture. Beginning April 7th, the film series Reel Living with Bob Bahr will explore six films throughout the last century that delved into Jewish culture in America. 

Using exerts from The Jazz Singer (1927), Gentleman's Agreement (1946), The Diary of Anne Frank (1959), Fiddler on the Roof (1971), Zelig (1983), and Everything is Illuminated (2005), the course will provide historical background for each film and show how these films shapes the Jewish community over the last century.

Course Information
What: 6 week class looking at the influence of film on the Jewish Community
When: April 7th - May 12th, Late registration accepted
Cost: $49
Where: Temple Sinai, 5645 Dupree Drive, Sandy Springs, GA 30327 - map

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About the Moderator
Bob Bahr has been working in the Atlanta interfaith community with organization like Interfaith Community Initiatives and World Pilgrims. Having run workshops on interfaith issues, he sees how the power of film can open up dialogue on topics that are difficult to broach. This is the first of two film series that will take place in 2015. The second begins in July with more details to come.