April 23: This Week in Jewish Film


24 Days - 2015 AJFF Gen-Y Night presented with ACCESS Film
The tragic true story of Ilan Halimini is told in the gripping thriller, 24 Days. Kidnapped and kept for random, the film follows Ilan's family as they deal with negotiators working on his release. This timely feature, screened as part of our 2015 festival is will be available for home viewing on iTunes April 24th. 

Above and Beyond - 2015 AJFF Opening Night Film and Audience Award Winner
On April 28th, AJFF's opening night film and audience award winner for best documentary, Above and Beyond, will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and other VOD platforms. Coming off the heels of WWII, American fighter pilots took to the skies over Israel to fight for their independence. With the risk of losing their citizens and their lives, these men trained in secret to come to the rescue of the young nation. 

Closer to the Moon - 2015 AJFF Film
Just off the festival circuit, Closer to the Moon is now available for home viewing and is making a limited theatrical release (no Atlanta dates available yet). The AJFF 2015 film, starring Oscar-nominee Vera Farmiga, is based on the incredible true story of an audacious Romanian bank heist by high-ranking Jewish Communists. Closer to the Moon mixes distinctive Jewish humor with a fatalist melancholy in an outlandish history lesson open to endless interpretation. 

Check back next week for more information about films from the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival!