March 26: This Week is Jewish Film


Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem Theatrical Release
Making a limited theatrical release, you can now see the 2015 AJFF film Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem at Tara and Lefont Sandy Springs. The closing chapter of a trilogy started a decade ago, the film is the story of an emotionally shackled woman seeks divorce from her suffocating spouse in Israel’s official submission for the Best Foreign Language Oscar.

For screenings times and directions, please visit the theaters' websites. 

The Green Prince on Netflix
Along with the Consulate General of Israel, AJFF did a mid-year screening of The Green Prince last October. This film documents the son of the founding leader in the Palestinian organization Hamas, becoming a spy for the Israelis. If you missed our screening last year, you can now catch the film on Netflix

Little White Lie on PBS
Our 2015 film Little White Lie, filmmaker Lacey Schwartz tells her story of uncovering her biracial identity. Always suspecting she was somehow different from her family, Lacey provides talks with loved ones on her path to self-discovery.

This week, in honor of its airing on PBS, NBC interviewed Lacey Schwartz and the story and making the film earlier this week. Read the full interview here. If you missed it at this year's festival or  just want to see it again, check your listings or view online at 

Sukkah City on iTunes
Sukkah City was released this Tuesday on iTunes. The 2014 AJFF film Sukkah City chronicles a New Your City architectural competition aimed at incubation innovation in Jewish culture. Check out this amazing film and see how 3,000 years can be reimagined today.