Calculating Audience Award Winning Films


Our audience award screenings are just a few days away and we're excited to see these favorite films one more time. But, if you're wondering "How do they decide on these films to show again?" Truth is, we don't decide. You do!

How does the audience decide?
After each screening at the festival, you are handed a ballot with ratings from 1 - 4. One meaning, that you did not enjoy the film for one reason or another. Four meaning, you loved it and recommended it to your friends, family, co-workers, and the person in front of you in the grocery line. 

How are all of the ballots counted?
With the help of our customer care team, those wonderful yellow shirted personnel at the festival, we collect and count your ballots. The final tallies are put into a system to normalize the votes. We have created a formula to make sure that whether a film screens once or five times, it has the same chance of being shown again based on the audience ratings

What are the audience award screenings this year?
This year's Audience Award Winners are...

Best Short Film, A Good Story
Screening begin at 3:45

An elderly woman deeply covets a broken jug in an antiques store near the German-Polish border. Raindance Film Festival Best Short prize-winner.

Best Narrative Film, Apples from the Desert
Screening begin at 4:30

The rebellious daughter of ultra-Orthodox parents journeys into the secular world in a romantic coming-of-age tale that explores themes of love, reconciliation and tradition versus modernity. This adaptation of an award-winning play is nominated for three Israeli Academy Awards.

Best Documentary Film, Above and Beyond
Screening begin at 7:30

A ragtag band of volunteer airmen mobilizes in the skies above Israel to fight for the fledgling nation’s survival, turning the tide of Israel’s War of Independence, and laying the foundation for its Air Force. Director Roberta Grossman’s mesmerizing, often humorous film is the first feature to chronicle this gallant, daring and heroic wartime escapade.

Audience Award Screenings will take place this Sunday, March 22, at GTC Merchants Walk in Marietta. - map