AJFF Makes History: 38,600+ Moviegoers


The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival is pleased to announce a truly historic accomplishment.

Thanks to your enthusiastic support and participation, AJFF has now achieved the rank of the world’s largest Jewish film festival. A record-breaking 38,600+ moviegoers attended this year’s event, confirming our standing as the highest attended Jewish film fest on the planet.

This is not only a proud moment for AJFF, but for the entire Atlanta community. We extend our gratitude and congratulations to all of you for helping us build the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival into a centerpiece of local Jewish life, and of the arts and cultural sector, as well as a first-class film festival that has garnered international acclaim.

What qualifies AJFF as the world’s largest Jewish film fest?

The 15th annual Atlanta Jewish Film Festival featured 177 screenings of 65 extraordinary works of international and independent cinema. It’s a record amount of programming. But we qualify the title of “world’s largest” based on our attendance figures, which this year totaled 38,631 moviegoers. That’s a bigger audience than any of the other 200+ Jewish film festivals worldwide.

How do we calculate attendance?

It is a daunting task, but accuracy is important. In order to determine final attendance figures, we do a physical count of each and every seat in the theater. We also compare that data against the number of tickets scanned at the theater door, to ensure our count is as precise as possible.

What does it mean to be the biggest?

As the saying goes, bigger isn’t always better. We are proud to claim bragging rights as the world’s largest Jewish film festival. At the same time, our priority will continue to be on producing the highest quality festival possible that serves the needs of our community. We will also continue to actively support and partner with our peers at other Jewish film festivals around the globe. Our relationship is one of collaboration, not competition.