Behind the Scenes: AJFF's Photographers


Part of what makes our festival exciting is the memories that are created here. And the best way to capture those moments in through photographs. We have a wonderful group of sponsors who offer up their photography services to the festival. 

We caught up with Duane Stork and David Selby, two of our photographers, during our Deli Man reception and talked with them about their experience working with festival.

Q: How did you get involved in the festival?
Stork: I was asked to help with the Opening Night Gala last year and the previous year and loved it. My wife and I have been going to the film festival since it started. And this is year decided to become a sponsor. 
Selby: I first shot the festival in 2008 and have been doing every year since then and have really enjoyed it. I initially got in involved through AJC's ACCESS doing some of their photography and they invited to join with the film festival.

Q: Being that we are a film festival, some of the photos can start to look the same. How do you take photos throughout the festival that differential from one another?
Selby: I always make sure to get exterior shots. Shots of identifying signs and architecture of the building. 

Q: What are your favorite events/screenings to shoot?
Stork: Opening Night Gala for sure. There is just so much anticipation and excitement. The food is great. The colors are wonderful. Martha Jo Katz does a great job of putting it all together. It's a great movie followed by a terrific Q&A. It's my favorite. 

Q: What was one shot you took that you felt like really captured the feel of the festival?
Stork: The large crowd shots at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center. People in their seats waiting for it to start. 
Selby: My favorite shots are at the Lefont Theatre from the projection room. Capturing the crowd in their seats and the logos up on the screen. It shows the scene of the festival. It's ultimately the reason that people are here. It's a top down view. It's a cool shot. I always try to get that every year. 

In additional the Duane Stork Photography and David Selby, we also receive photo coverage assistance from Aunt Bobo Photography and Counse Broders Photography.  Make sure you Look, pose, and smile for our photographers when you see them on-site.