AJFF Stops by NFTY Convention


As part of AJFF's mission, we use film to entertain and educate the community. With 3,000 Jewish teenagers in town from all over the country, we saw an opportunity to reach the next generation of festival goers. We stopped by NFTY convention this weekend to talk with teens about our film festival and answer some of their filmmaking questions.

We began the morning with Program Manager, Shellie Schmals, talking about the importance of film and the process that all our films go through to be chosen for the festival. Walking them through what we look and how we categorize submissions, they got the chance to see how we evaluate films that get chosen in the festival. 

But, with the festival going on, we wanted to take advantage of having in town our guest speakers. Filmmakers Sas Goldberg and Jake Wilson of the film You Must Be Joking stopped by for a Q&A providing aspiring filmmakers a forum to ask their questions. 

Starting with the basic questions like:

  • Where do you begin when you want to make a movie?
  • What do you need to start to make a film?
  • How do you find people to act in your movie?

These high school students delved into all aspects of filmmaking from funding to casting to Jake Wilson's #1 piece of advice: Make sure the first person you hire is an accountant that can sign your checks!

After spending the morning with NFTY, we are excited to see what films we get for future festivals from this group of dedicated, curious, and enthusiastic teens.