Jewish Film Round-up: December 4, 2013


This week we feature Jews in Hollywood who have many ambitions, both in their career and personal lives. Disney's new purchase and a lost film restored and digitized close out this week's round-up. 

Disney makes first Israeli Acquisition. 
Walt Disney Studios has purchased the rights to Israeli documentary Dolphin Boy, making it the first Israeli acquisition for the studios. With the purchase, Disney plans on making a full-length feature film about the documentary.  

Imagine your life as a film producer and Israeli spy. For one guy, it was reality. 
What a double life to lead! As a film producer and Israeli spy, it seems conspiracy theory has turned out to be true. Arnon Milchan confirms the rumors of his double life.

The Jew behind The Hunger Games: Interview with Nina Jacobson.
Nina Jacobson, who by the age of 27 achieved the vice presidency of production for Universal Studios, brought the popular book series The Hunger Games to the screen. So what’s it like to be a hot shot Hollywood mogul? Check out this interview and find out!

James Franco, can he do it all?
Does this guy ever sleep? Jewish-American James Franco is a teacher, published author, director, actor, and spokesman. In this interview, he talks about his past and current roles, career choices, and just being James Franco.

Lost film gets new life, shows life in pre-state Israel. 
If you’ve even wondered what life was like in pre-state Israel under Ottoman Turkish rule, today is your day. For 80 years, the 1913 film The Life of the Jews in the Land of Israel: 1913 was thought to be lost, but it has been recovered. This article tells its story as well as short clips of the now digitized film.