What to Know About Supporting AJFF in 2022

What are the plans for next year’s Atlanta Jewish Film Festival?

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival returns for its 22nd edition in February 2022, offering the flexibility and convenience of both in-theater and virtual options. AJFF will continue to present the best in international cinema and Jewish storytelling, delivering a premium moviegoing experience for all, while prioritizing audience safety in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Date and venue details will be announced in the near future.

How will the moviegoing experience be different in 2022?

Our 22nd edition will offer a hybrid experience, retaining the comfort of watching movies from your couch in our Virtual Cinema, while also welcoming audiences back to movie theaters. You can choose which option is best for you.

What is AJFF doing to keep audiences safe in the movie theater?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival has made safety our first priority. This commitment continues, with input from our COVID Task Force, medical experts, industry peers, audiences and other community voices. AJFF will announce protocols for in-person screenings closer to the annual festival, based on conditions at the time and in accordance with public health guidelines. These measures may include proof of vaccination, masking, and reduced seating capacity.

I’m not sure about the Virtual Cinema. How does it work?

The Virtual Cinema offers a number of advantages, allowing you to enjoy the festival whenever you want, without leaving home. If you use a streaming service (such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime), the AJFF Virtual Cinema is just as easy. Simply access films on any computer or tablet, or download the AJFF app on Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV to watch on your television. AJFF will offer an array of customer service options for those requiring technical assistance. Based on your feedback, we’re also exploring new ways to make the Virtual Cinema even more accessible in 2022.

Isn’t it less expensive to produce a virtual festival? Why do you still need my support?

Presenting the festival in the Virtual Cinema requires a significant investment of financial resources. In addition to the infrastructure associated with the Virtual Cinema, AJFF incurs additional expense in producing the original content that supplements the festival experience, such as special event preshows, guest speaker introductions and Q&A recordings. In short, a virtual festival is every bit as expensive to produce (and in certain respects more so) than the traditional festival.

What happens to my traditional donor benefits?

We wish to express our deepest appreciation for your patience and understanding as AJFF navigates the challenges of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the continued uncertainty that impacts our planning, we appeal to all donors to stand with us by maintaining or increasing their existing level of financial contribution. Thank you for your generosity in pledging your support, while allowing us a bit more time before confirming what benefits can be extended to members and sponsors.

Will there be an Opening and Closing Night event, and an Insider Preview Party?

We will, indeed, present special events as part of the 2022 AJFF. However, the state of the pandemic may require us to once again reimagine those events. We look forward to bringing the community back together in-person, but must balance that desire with health and safety considerations.

Given the disruption in the movie business, will there be good movies to pick from?

Absolutely! Our movie selections are not just good, but great. Our screening committee is already evaluating hundreds of films entries to bring you the best of the best. Next year’s lineup is shaping up to be as diverse, enthralling and powerful as ever.

With all of this uncertainty, why should we support AJFF now?

Just as you’ve counted on AJFF, we’re counting on you. In response to the pandemic, AJFF has innovated, adopted and pivoted to ensure that we continue to fulfill our mission and serve our community, at a time when the need for cinematic stories and inspiration is never greater.

Please remember…

  • AJFF is a 501(c)(3) organization that relies on the charitable contributions from donors like you.
  • Ticket revenues account for less than 20% of our operating budget.
  • Your charitable contribution is essential to sustaining the organization during this transformative period, ensuring that AJFF remains a vibrant beacon in Atlanta’s cultural and artistic universe.
  • Your philanthropic dollars make AJFF accessible to all audiences, while preserving community connection during challenging times.
  • AJFF celebrates Jewish culture, and supports an ecosystem of filmmakers and other creatives.

In 2021, AJFF met the challenge of our time. In 2022, we will do so again.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival completely reimagined the festival experience, adapting and innovating to deliver the gift of movies to over 39,000 attendees via the Virtual Cinema and drive-in screenings. Highlights of the 2021 AJFF included:

  • 38 features and 16 short films
  • 3 World Premieres and 11 U.S. Premieres
  • Over 24,000 hours of streaming in the Virtual Cinema
  • Expanded Q&A's featuring the participation of more film artists than ever before
  • Approximately 600 participants for Virtual Lobby Zoom conversations with special guests
  • Premium drive-in experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, including food trucks and photo ops
  • Food experiences in partnership with restaurant and hospitality partners
  • Festival-in-a Box delivered to ticketholders, with film-themed collectibles for "festing at home"
  • Virtual presentations of the Insider Preview, Opening and Closing Nights, plus an Awards Show
  • Over 300 high school students participatied in virtual film screenings and Q&As
  • Industry luminaries awarded Jury Prizes honoring “bridge building” mission